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I love the fact that the silk worm comes from the domestic silkmoth known as 'Bombyx Mori'. What a fabulous name! It's latin for 'Silk of the Mulberry Tree'. 
In fact silkworms adore eating white mulberry leaves. It's no surprise then that silkworm breeding has been done in China for over 5,000 years, given that the white mulberry tree is native to Northern China. White mulberry berries are poisonous when unripe (although not to silkworms I guess) and, weirdly, can release pollen at half the speed of sound. At 20 degrees centigrade the speed of sound in air would be 171.50 metres per second. Apparently this is the fastest known plant movement in the world.  
Wow, an awesome little tree, sustaining an awesome little worm!  
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