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Did you know that Queen Victoria was an influencer of her day? On her wedding day she wore a white gown, something that was not popular at the time. She teamed it with a white veil and orange blossom wreath 
Of course there was no social media and it wasn't televised but word still got around through fashion magazines and newspapers. Soon the previously fashionable silver for bridal gowns was no more and a new tradition, the white wedding dress was born 
Although white fabric remained a staple, the elements of bridal attire remained subject to fashionable change. Queen Victoria patronised Honiton lace and many wealthy brides followed this trend and deep flounces of Honiton lace were not uncommon, often paired with Honiton lace veils and a floral wreath 
Flowergirl outfits of the day tended to be ornate. Flowergirls were often seen in a dress and jacket, trimmed with swansdown, to which were added scarves, sashes and bonnets - a veritable smorgasbord of frills and furbelows. Or, put another way, more in the 19th century, was definitely more 
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