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Flower Girl Fest at Berlin's TV Tower 

The truth is I've no idea how many flower girls would fit into Berlin's TV Tower. But the sphere shown at the top would be a fabulous place for a wedding reception. Imagine sweeping around the sphere, built to mimic a sputnik satellite, in your wedding dress, train trailing glamorously behind. It was intended to mimic a Sputnik Satellite and, the GDR who built it, wanted it to light up in red, the colour of socialism 
When I visited recently I was struck by the contrast between the futuristic TV Tower and the spire of the Marienkirche just in front. Equally beautiful it might just suit the tad more conventional amongst you 

Ingredients for TV Tower Wedding Pie (or should that be strudel?) 

1. A head for heights 
2. Good legs for climbing 368 metres (only kidding, there's a lift) 
3. Excellent eye-sight or your spectacles (get that view!) 
4. A Lychgate wedding dress with long train for swishy-swish-swishing about 
5. 3, 33 or even 333 flower girls to race about in Lychgate flower girl dresses. The Tower can accommodate 350 people! 

Fancy getting married in a fairy-tale cathedral? 

If I said this cathedral was located in the largest ancient castle complex in the world would you guess where it was? 
The chances are that unless you've been there the Czech Republic would not spring to mind. This fabulous cathedral with gold-tipped spires and amazing stained glass windows sits within the grounds of Prague Castle. It was built in two chunks due to the intervention of war, and several centuries, each an exquisite homage to gothic architecture 
St Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle
We were so thrilled to learn this week of Princess Beatrice's engagement to her gorgeous Italian boyfriend Eduarodo Mapelli Mozzi. This set us thinking about what style wedding dress she will choose. Read on to find out what we think.... 
Beatrice has certainly taken a bashing in the past for her sometimes unwise fashion choices. But we couldn't fail to be impressed by the beautiful floral dress she chose for her engagement photos. These showed an elegant woman who seems to have grown into her own personal style in recent years 
I talked about high-necked gowns in a blog recently because Ellie Goulding chose one for her cathedral ceremony. I think a high necked bridal gown would really suit Princess Beatrice and set off her large brown eyes and winning smile. I could see her in a dress with a long sleeve, perhaps trumpet sleeves in lace to add a touch of glamour. We think lace for the bodice. There are wonderful bridal laces but no doubt one would be specially commissioned 
Autumn weddings, good idea? Yes or no? 
I launched my autumn/winter 'Scarlet' flower girl dress this week. It's available in a range of beautiful jewel colours, including an autumny orange and gorgeous green. So this got me thinking about autumn weddings and how to make the most of this most vibrant of seasons 
Some thought has to be given to the weather and that's what George and Amal Clooney did, marrying in Venice. Venice in the autumn is north Italy so a bit chilly, but there is still a fair amount of sunshine. Southern Italy retains sunshine and warmer temperatures slightly later in the year. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel took advantage of this, marrying in the autumn in Puglia. Ann Hathaway also married in the fall, but chose Big Sur in California, with guaranteed sunshine 
Of course, we're not likely to be so lucky with the weather in the UK in autumn so what ingredients would you include to make the most of what the UK has to offer?  

Are high-necked bridal gowns making a comeback?  

What did you think of Ellie Goulding's high-necked wedding dress? Do you think high necked gowns are going to make a comeback?  
High-necked bridal wear is considered to be very modest and reminiscent of a time when most marriages took place in church. Propriety demanded that brides cover up. Few modern brides go for this look. Perhaps Ellie felt she could afford to rock a high-neck wedding dress. She had three other bridal gowns in her wardrobe for later in the day. These gorgeous gowns got noticeably less modest as the day wore on! 
One gorgeous example of a high-neck wedding dress was that worn by Grace Kelly on her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco on 19th April 1956. READ ON to find out about her fabulous bridal gown 
Bride wearing high neck wedding dress with pink bouquet

How to be a princess (for the day anyway) 

Kelly's bespoke bridal gown was designed by costume designer Helen Rose of MGM. The designing of formal and evening-wear by studios at the time was commonplace. Starlets were contracted to the studios and their look was a huge marketing asset. MGM gifted the dress to Kelly 
Kelly and Prince Rainier actually had two services, civil and religious. On both occasions the princess wore high-necked gowns. For the civil service her dress was pale pink and covered with Alencon lace. For the religious service in St Nicholas' cathedral she had long-sleeves and a huge billowing skirt. The dress was said to have cost just over $7,000 not including the designer's fee 
INterior of cathedral showing stained glass windows

Fancy a river of whipped cream?  

As you know, we love a little flower girl or pageboy attendant. Kelly did too, with six flower girls and two pageboys as well as two older bridesmaids. The little ones wore white and the older ones were in yellow organdie  
Kelly's bridal gowns went down well with the media who raved about them. The train on her cathedral gown was likened to a river of whipped cream. What a fabulous image! 
For your very own river of whipped cream make a free intial appointment HERE  
And click HERE to ensure your six flower girls and two pageboys are worthy of your very own media storm 
Images: @phuong-nguyen-2k; @jennymarvin @sophieskipperphotography 
Three flower girls wearing pink and white colour bridesmaids dresses

Is it okay to wear a purple wedding dress? Yes or No?  

Ed Sheeran has been in town this week and half the population of Suffolk seem to have been to see the final performances of his 'Divide' tour. Ed is known for being born in Framlingham in Suffolk. He still has a strong allegance to this small market town with its fabulous 12th century castle on the hill 
Some time ago I was lucky enough to be able to view Mary Tudor's wedding dress in an exhibition at Framlingham Castle. Her bridal gown was purple and gold, traditional colours for royal wedding attire in those days. I remember being struck by how tiny the dress was. It was in very good condition if somewhat faded 
The only other celebrity purple wedding dress I can think of is Dita Von Teese's bridal gown for her marriage to Marilyn Manson. This enormous and lavish gown was made of deep purple silk taffetta and was worn with a tricorn hat 
Woman wearing lilac bridal gown carrying a pink bouquet

Purple - would you dare?  

So would you dare to do purple on your wedding day?  
There's probably a purple for all skin tones as purple is a wide-ranging hue with more or less blue and red undertones depending upon the shade. It's considered to be a very royal colour and is also said to be associated with luxury, ambition, wisdom, dignity and peace  
Still not sure you're either Mary or Dita? Best stick to white (or similar) 
Lychgate bespoke silk (white or similar) wedding dresses available. Book a free intial consultation HERE  
Love Nic XX 
Couple sitting on a bench, woman in purple dress, man in suit

Why do we 'get hitched'? 

I'm really pleased that this week we have signed up to wedding planning website 'Hitched' This website offers engaged couples lots of suggestions for how to make their wedding days perfect, including getting that all important wedding dress and those cute little flower girl dresses and pageboy outfits 
I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you where the phrase 'getting hitched' comes from. This is where the lovely image on the right comes in. Horses are traditionally hitched together. This helps them to pull the load in the wagon behind them. When couples get married they are joined together to share the responisbilities and pleasures of life, hence the phrase 'getting hitched' 
Nic XX 
Image @grafx6 c/o unsplash 
Two horses together in a field

Dogs at weddings, yes or no, which way do you go?  

So, what do you think - is having your dog at your wedding super cute or just downright daft?  
Quite a lot of celebrities thought it was super cute. I've got to admit that the little fluff-ball in the image on the right is the very definition of super cute. So perhaps having your beloved dog at your big day is a no-brainer provided you're happy to be upstaged..... 
Not afraid of the competition, all time favourite girl-next door- Jennifer Anniston had her dogs, Dolly and Sophie at her wedding to Justin Theroux in 2015. The lucky ladies had a doggie make-over from an LA dog spa to ensure they looked their very best. They're still in Jennifer's life, Justin isn't, oops  
white dog wearing purple bow tie

Creased Bridal Gown? - Ewwwww, No! 

I want to talk about 'The Dress of a Thousand Creases'. It really needs no introduction but of course I'm talking about Princess Diana's wedding dress. Why exactly was it creased, you ask? Well, apart from the obvious, which is that it was enormous and stuffed into a less than spacious carriage? My theory is that the designers overlooked one of the basics of construction - a simple net lining 
Where there's any danger of creasing we back our wedding dress silks with net. Due to its honeycomb design net is essentially forced to spring back to its original shape when crumpled. This takes the silk with it. 'Simples' as Alexander and Sergei would say 
Soldiers on horseback
I promised you more on the Dior exhibition 'Designer of Dreams' at the V&A and here it is. Read on to find out about one of Dior's own bridal designs 

Dior - Designer of Dreams and (lover of surprisingly light fabrics) 

It might surprise you to learn that Dior was not a fan of heavy fabrics for bridal wear for young brides. He advised them to wear fine cottons instead, with a simple veil and small tiara or bow 
The dress on the left was designed by Dior in 1953 and was made of cotton muslin and metal thread. It was heavily embroidered with a beautiful flower pattern with a gold stalk and leaves. Today it would be unheard of for muslin to be used. This is now a fabric that we use in the construction of the toile for a gown. This is the prototype garment we make to test a pattern 
Ms Jane Stoddart wore this wedding dress at the age of 19 and she said the dress was very light and easy to wear. This is unsurprising given the fabric used. It was traditional at the time to wear a heavy corset underneath. Although with this style of dress that would not strictly have been necessary 
All over embroidered fabrics are not trends we see much of today but with the advent of some gorgeous new printed organzas I predict this trend may return. Read on to find out about the current incumbent creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri and her take on flowers..... 
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