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Is the strapless wedding dress ever going to go out of fashion? Well, it might, but not in a hurry I suspect 
The strapless bridal gown really came into its own in the 80s when society and religion became more permissive. But it wasn't in fact a new trend, it was just the explosion of a much older one. It was born in the 1950s when brides no long felt that they had to cover up quite so much 
The trend started slowly in the 1950s for the most daring brides who usually opted for some form of sleeve or overlay. However by the 1980s it was a major influence 
The spaghetti strap wedding dress is quite a bold choice but brilliant bridal wear for beach weddings 
Not if you're a royal bride of course, as the Queen is not keen on bare shoulders. But for those of us marrying on exotic sandy shores the spaghetti strap is very much on the menu  
A gorgeous example of the simplicity of the spaghetti strap was Cindy Crawford's bridal gown when she married on Paradise Island in the Bahamas in 1998 
Will a princess line bridal gown suit you? 
Choosing the right shape of wedding dress for you is a daunting task. Choose the correct shape and you'll have your guests gasping in delight. The wrong shape and at best it will go down like a lead balloon. The princess line bridal gown is a popular shape due to its very forgiving nature. Bridal wear should always flatter and this type of wedding dress rarely fails to please.  
This style of wedding dress was first created for Princess Alexandra of Denmark. At the tender age of 16 she was chosen to marry Queen Victoria's son, Albert Edward. He later became Edward VII..... 
Choosing a wedding dress can be a confusing task. Everyone will have an opinion on what will suit you..... 
Watch the second part of my series of videos on what skirt shapes suit which figure to find out whether an empire line style of dress will suit you. Grow in confidence that the dress you choose will truly be the dress of your dreams 
Find out top tips on choosing your wedding dress  
Many brides are not at all sure of their figure type and what dress shape will have the wow factor on the big day. Lychgate are publishing a series of tutorials on Youtube to help brides choose the best dress for them. Watch the video clip to find out whether or not a ballgown will suit you 
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