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Last night for the first time in ages I put on my onesie. I made it a few years ago when I was going to the Latitude Festival in the Suffolk countryside at Henham Park near Southwold. In homage, and to blend in with the rural setting I used a rather startling leaf patterned fleece. What occurred to me last night are the similarities between a onesie and a bespoke wedding dress. Let me enlighten you.... 
A onesie always, and I mean always, looks fabulous. So does a bespoke wedding dress. 
A onesie always has va va voom. If you want it that is, otherwise make it in a leaf print and blend in. However, a bespoke wedding dress always has va va voom.  
A onesie is the epitome of comfort. So is a bespoke wedding dress. It fits to perfection. No constant hoiking up as the bodice slides embarrasingly down and all the cleavage you didn't want to reveal is revealed to Granny and Grandad. No horrific visions of having to wear 'Big Girl Pull-ups' because you simply cannot access the loo.  
However, just to be clear, if you are getting married, don't wear a onesie.  
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