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FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, is a very common and debilitating condition suffered by many brides, but how do you avoid that sinking feeling caused by actually having to choose a dress? 
It's basically down to too much choice. I call it 'Car-Park Brain Mush'. If there are too many spaces I go around and around in a haze of indecision but if there are only two available spaces I whizz into the first one without further ado. So why is choice so painful? Whenever you choose you give up the perceived freedom of having options. However the more options you have the more you believe that the 'Right One' might actually exist. The worry is that if you have lots of options and you choose the 'Wrong One' you will only have yourself to blame.  
To help my brides I ask questions that begin to funnel their thoughts. I start with open questions, such as 'What sort of dress style do you like' but then narrow the options, first dividing the dress into a top and bottom, contrasting different styles, for example 'Do you like a fitted skirt or a full skirt? This can then be narrowed further 'Do you like a column skirt or a mermaid style'. The beauty of course of a bespoke dress is that whilst the dress is in its early stages it can evolve, so the bride can change her mind but close and careful consultation usually means that bespoke brides don't feel the need to.  
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