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Christian Dior - fashion legend and bridal inspiration 

Struggling to decide what sort of wedding dress design will suit you? Get yourself down to the V&A exhibition 'Dior - Designer of Dreams', without further hesitation. Dior loved women and adored ballgowns and this exhibition is truly inspirational  
In 1947, Dior swept away post-war utiltarianism, producing the iconic 'Bar' cream jacket and black skirt. This was his 'New Look' and celebrated fitted bodices, soft shoulders, wasp waists and acres of swooshy fabric in the skirt. Challenged about his design he simply said 'I am giving the women the dresses they want. They're fed up with war restrictions...My full skirts are a release' 
Diors designs were wildly popular with society women, particularly Princess Margaret. She was said to have a 23 inch waist (not since I was age 7, if then). Sadly, Dior died in 1957 but in the decade before his death he designed 22 collections and over 90 new looks. His legacy did not die with him and there have been a succession of outstanding creative directors since. Read on to find out about John Galliano's time in office.... 
Mannequin wearing Dior New Look jacket and skirt

John Galliano - 'Enfant Terrible' (and bridal inspiration) 

If you're feeling super bold what about a modified version of this super John Galliano dress for Dior? It was created for the Autumn-Winter collection of 2009 and is called 'Look 33' (a bit of a disservice if you ask me). Made of silk (of course) and swarovski crystals, I think it looks like a gorgeous, naughty, but undeniably sexy hot-house flower  
The controversial British designer served a 15 year tenure at the House of Dior and during that time travelled extensively gaining inspiration from throught the world. He loved to shock with subversive messages, but contradicted this with a passion for embroidery 
And who could forget Kate Moss' Galliano wedding dress, Kate apparently wanted a 1930s chiffon style wedding dress, She had modelled extensively for John and naturally he was her first choice 
When John came to see her she says he had 'bags full of bits, and pulled tulle and sequins and veils and flowers and then we just kind of pinned things together, like the old days, you know' 
Mannequin wearing pink John Galliano dress

The secret ingredients for your bespoke bridal gown 

The five essential ingredients are: 
1. Get yourself down to the exhibition 
2. Take oodles of photos 
3. Think about where you are getting married and the demands of the day 
4. Think about who you are and what you want your bridal gown to say about you 
5. Book an appointment with Lychgate. We have lots of bits and pieces and even more pins! 
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