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Posts from January 2019

I've touched before on the nightmare of the unfortunate bride who has the indignity of hoicking up her dress periodically to avoid giving the congregation an eyeful of what should be for the groom's eyes only 
So today I thought I'd show you what goes into a Lychgate bodice to prevent it doing a disappearing act long before the magician booked for the reception does his first trick.  
I believe in a belt and braces approach. First I put in boning between the main fabric of the dress and the lining. This can be seen in the image on the right hidden behind the lining, appearing as lines of stiching. You can see that the boning goes around the whole of the bodice. I have been known to put in as many as 48 bones for a larger bust. No way was that bride's bodice sinking unceremoniously! 
I then add corset sections to the back of the bodice. These are the rose patterned fabric in the image. In Europe the corset originated in Italy but became popular in the 1500s when Catherine de Medici, Queen of France, introduced it to ladies of the French court. The word 'corset' comes from the french word 'corps' meaning 'body'.  
The corset peaked in popularity in Victorian times. Originally the boning in corsets was whalebone or wood (ouch!) and was secured by up to 50 laces, which a groom was required to unlace on the wedding night. This was meant to be an exercise in restraint! 
So happy to talk to all those brides at Layer Marney Tower Wedding Fayre today about Lychgate's individually designed, made to measure bridal gowns, flowergirl dresses and pageboy outfits 
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So, as the title says, more is more right? This work in progress has a five layer skirt and a net petticoat and will certainly mean the lucky little girls who wear it will stand out from the crowd.  
The phrase 'less is more' was coined by the poet Robert Browning in his poem 'The Faultless Painter' in 1855 but later used by architect Ludwig Mies Van de Rohe in 1947 to explain minimalist design. The idea being that less can give the same functionality as more. But hey, this dress is not about functionality it's about FUN! Who cares about the rest of the word - 'ctionality'. Hmmm, maybe I've invented a new word, watch out Oxford English Dictionary, then again maybe not, what's 'ctionality' after all? Answers on a postcard.......... 
Last night for the first time in ages I put on my onesie. I made it a few years ago when I was going to the Latitude Festival in the Suffolk countryside at Henham Park near Southwold. In homage, and to blend in with the rural setting I used a rather startling leaf patterned fleece. What occurred to me last night are the similarities between a onesie and a bespoke wedding dress. Let me enlighten you.... 
FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, is a very common and debilitating condition suffered by many brides, but how do you avoid that sinking feeling caused by actually having to choose a dress? 
Happy New Year to you all. Well, 2018 saw two royal weddings and the run of royal nuptials is set to continue in 2019 with the marriage of Lady Gabriella Windsor to Thomas Kingston, a financier, at St George's Chapel, Windsor. 37 year old Lady Gabriella is the daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.  
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