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Creased Bridal Gown? - Ewwwww, No! 

I want to talk about 'The Dress of a Thousand Creases'. It really needs no introduction but of course I'm talking about Princess Diana's wedding dress. Why exactly was it creased, you ask? Well, apart from the obvious, which is that it was enormous and stuffed into a less than spacious carriage? My theory is that the designers overlooked one of the basics of construction - a simple net lining 
Where there's any danger of creasing we back our wedding dress silks with net. Due to its honeycomb design net is essentially forced to spring back to its original shape when crumpled. This takes the silk with it. 'Simples' as Alexander and Sergei would say 
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What's the trick to an uncreased wedding dress? 

I don't think Christian Dior would have made such an elementary mistake. Dior absolutely adored making evening dresses and ball gowns and understood their construction better than anyone. He said 'evening clothes are the most glamorous and fascinating things a woman can have' and 'the evening is the time when you escape from the realities of life' 
In July 1951 Dior created a fabulous ivory ball gown for Princess Margaret's 21st birthday. This was an amazing construction with acres and acres of underskirts, silk and chiffon. Society photographer, Cecil Beaton, snapped her sitting on a red five seater sofa. The skirt, when spread out, reached end to end. Now that's a lot of skirt! 
I saw this dress at the recent V&A exhibition and having walked all around it I could not work out how Princess Margaret got into it. Having concluded that she might have been lowered down by a crane from a great height I had to dismiss this theory as her hips would never have fitted through the tiny, tiny waist! 
Princess Margaret wore this dress for a ball at the British Hertford Hospital in Paris in November 1951. I assume she travelled there in a car (well, limousine). As she ascended the staircase with the world watching her there was not a crease in sight. The old net trick at its finest! 

Five essential ingredients for a crease free wedding  

Wedding gowns qualify for both 'the most glamorous and fascinating things a woman can have' and weddings are certainly a time for 'an escape from the realities of life'. To ensure you look the best you can follow our five key ingredients for an uncreased bridal gown: 
1. Don't travel in a tiny, wee carriage even if you are a fairy princess - tick 
2. Don't over-do the train even if you're a real princess - tick 
3. Steam, steam, steam, only a bathroom and hot tap required 
4. Go for a dress with less fabric? What! Never! 
5. Have what you like and go for a designer (Lychgate) with a stock of net - tick, tick, tick 
For a free intial consultation to talk about the dress of your dreams click HERE 
Images courtesy of Unsplash: @adspedia; @mark-leishman2; @mixedhype  
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