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Top tips for hot destination weddings 

In a previous blog I extolled the virtues of an Italian wedding. Who could resist a white sand beach, gently lapping water and a barefoot bride and groom? A hot foreign wedding destination comes with its own set of issues though (and not just what type of cocktail should one have next) 
The most important issues of course relate to the all important bridal gown. Key are these: 
What type of wedding dress will be suitable? 
How will it get there? 
Will it crease? 
Let me help 
beach scene at twilight, sea, sand and palm trees

Wedding Dress Fabric 

Do a bit of research on what temperature you can expect. Heavy silk fabrics are wonderful but not in 90 degree heat. Ideally go for light fabrics. Chiffons, laces, organzas and crepes flutter gently in an off-shore breeze  
I particularly like crepe backed satin from James Hare fabrics @jamesharefabric. This has a gorgeous light feel with lots of movement and a wonderful sheen that catches the light beautifully. Check out my bridal gallery page. The bride in the long ivory bridal dress in front of a blue door is wearing this fabric  
Boho is another great choice. Not just the preserve of the country bride, boho can look and feel great on a far-flung beach. Its staple is a light flowing fabric. We love the idea of our boho bride wandering romantically down the beach to her Best Beloved.  
Bride on sandy beach in ivory dress long sleeves and shoes and flowers in hands

Bridal Gown Style 

The style of bridal dress is also key. It stands to reason that sleeves are not going to be an obvious choice. But if you really do want sleeves go for an illusion tulle and lace. Alternatively a cap sleeve or off-the-shoulder dress. Short dresses are still not common but can look stunning on a beach, as can tea-length or a high-to -low skirt 
We love a backless or strapless gown, or if you're not feeling that brave, a spaghetti strap. Remember if you go for strapless or backless some form of support will be required and supportive underwear may be a tad on the warm side 
As for embellishment, it's fair to say we like a bit of beading but heavily embellished gowns are, well, heavy. The clue's in the description I'm afraid. I don't recommend encrusted bridal wear in hot weather. A little sparkle is fine but keep it to your neck, wrists and ears 
Bride and groom on beach with shoes in hands

Packing up your wedding dress 

Virtually all brides travel to their destination by air. Contact your airline to see if they have any special arrangements. They may not, but it can't hurt to ask.  
Purchase a box that is specially made for air travel. It will be sturdy and allow the garment to breathe. Pack your wedding dress in acid-free tissue paper, making sure you put it between the folds.  
When you arrive be sure to get the bridal gown out straight away and hang it up. If the hotel has a steaming service use it. If not, indulge in DIY. Hang the dress in the bathroom. Turn on the hot taps, close the doors and voila! One crease free wedding dress 

Your handy checklist for a hot destination wedding 

1. Light wafty fabrics, tick 
2. Strapless, backless or spaghetti, tick 
3. Religious clothing restrictions? Find out in advance so you don't get caught out 
4. Embellishments? Ears, necks, wrist preferably 
5. Packing? TLC! 
6. A Best Beloved, as always 
Images courtesy of Unsplash from the top: @seantookthese; @sweeticecreamwedding; @nate-dumlao; @anthonytran 
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