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Wavering about the design of your wedding dress? Book a ticket for the Dior Exhibition at the V&A, which is now on until September 2019. Find out why.... 

Christian Dior - fashion legend and bridal inspiration 

If you're looking for insipiration for your wedding dress, look no further than Christian Dior. This iconic 1947 jacket and skirt by Dior took the fashion world by storm. Dior cast out post-war utilitarianism with a single sweep of his pen. He embraced tight bodices, wasp waists, soft shoulders and huge swishy skirts containing acres of fabric 
Challenged about his 'New Look' Dior simply said 'I am giving women the dresses they want. they're fed up with war restrictions...My full skirts are a release'. The look attracted society women everywhere and was slavishly followed by Princess Margaret. Her waist was said to be only 23 inches (not since I was age 7) 
Dior sadly died at the age of only 52 in 1957. But in his last decade he designed 22 collections with over 90 new looks and his speciality was ballgowns. Dior's legacy lived on however as a succession of outstanding designers have since been appointed creative director of Dior. Read on to find out about John Gallianos's time in office... 
Christian Dior New Look 'Bar' jacket and skirt

John Galliano - Enfant Terrible (and bridal inspiration) 

I agree it would take a bold bride but how splendid would a modified version of this dress look swooshing down the aisle? This is a John Galliano dress known only as 'Look 33' (a bit of a dis-service). It was created for the Autumn - Winter Dior collection in 2009. It's silk (of course) and covered with Swarovski crystals. It reminds me of some sort of gorgeous, cheekily naughty but undeniably sexy, hot-house flower 
This controversial Enfant Terrible survived a 15 year tenure at the top. Galliano was a prolific traveller and pushed the definition of haute couture design. He was not afraid to mix subversive social themes into his fashion, adoring lavish embroidery 
And who could forget Galliano's stunning wedding dress for Kate Moss? Kate apparently wanted a thirties style chiffon dress. As she had worked with Galliano for years he was the obvious choice.  
Moss is quoted as saying that Galliano arrived to see her with 'bags full of bits, and pulled tulle and sequins and veils and flowers...and then we just kind of pinned things together, like old days....' 
John Galliano pink ballroom dress on mannequin shown at V&A

Find out the secret to your own stunning bespoke bridal gown.... 

These are the five key ingredients: 
1. Check out that exhibition 
2. Take lots and lots of photos 
3. Think about where you are getting married and the demands of the day 
4. Keep an open mind 
5. Book an appointment with Lychgate, we have lots of bits and pieces just like Mr Galliano and lots and lots of pins.... 
For a free initial appointment click HERE  
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