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Dogs at weddings, yes or no, which way do you go?  

So, what do you think - is having your dog at your wedding super cute or just downright daft?  
Quite a lot of celebrities thought it was super cute. I've got to admit that the little fluff-ball in the image on the right is the very definition of super cute. So perhaps having your beloved dog at your big day is a no-brainer provided you're happy to be upstaged..... 
Not afraid of the competition, all time favourite girl-next door- Jennifer Anniston had her dogs, Dolly and Sophie at her wedding to Justin Theroux in 2015. The lucky ladies had a doggie make-over from an LA dog spa to ensure they looked their very best. They're still in Jennifer's life, Justin isn't, oops  
white dog wearing purple bow tie

Can you beat eight doggie bridesmaids (and would you want to?) 

I'm not entirely sure that the chappie on the right is actually at a wedding but I couldn't resist this image. I can just imagine him being quite glad to loll about in a bag well out of the way of all the wedding mayhem 
When Ellen De Generes and Portia Rossi got married in 2008 they didn't stop at one dog. 'Wolf' their white maltese-poodle mix was a witness (how did he sign the register?). Their retired show-dog Mabel (good name) and three cats were also guests. Go girls 
But maybe the award for maddest (in the nicest possible way) couple goes to Robbie Williams and Ayda Field. Robbie and Ayda got married in 2010 in LA and had their eight (yes, eight) dogs as bridesmaids. Ayda originally wanted the dogs to have bow-ties but in the end they all wore flower collars. Not entirely sure what the dogs made of it but given that the wedding meal was sushi and steak they probably didn't complain 
Dachshund in a cloth bag

Now for the serious stuff.... 

Five key (if boring) ingredients for a perfect dog-friendly wedding.... 
1. Do have a plan for your dog's day. They still have their ordinary needs  
2. Appoint a trusted friend or family member to take care of your dog. Large crowds and unfamiliar venues can be very intimidating 
3. Make sure there's plenty of water available. Anxiety can make dogs very thirsty 
4. Don't allow too many people, and especially children, to interfere with your dog. Even dogs with a friendly nature can be grumpy if pulled about too much 
5. Try to ensure your dog sticks to his/her usual diet. Otherwise you'll pay for it in poo bags 
One more fun one for luck... 
Treat your dog to a cute but comfortable outfit. Unless you're getting married in the Arctic their special novelty outfit should be a cool, light-weight material. Watch out for Lychgate's range of dog coats which will be available very soon under the brand 'Mabels Delights'. That's our Mabel on the right 
Images: @chuttersnap; @erdaest both courtesy of Unsplash; Nicola Chettleburgh 
Border  terrier puppy sitting on the grass
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