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So, as the title says, more is more right? This work in progress has a five layer skirt and a net petticoat and will certainly mean the lucky little girls who wear it will stand out from the crowd.  
The phrase 'less is more' was coined by the poet Robert Browning in his poem 'The Faultless Painter' in 1855 but later used by architect Ludwig Mies Van de Rohe in 1947 to explain minimalist design. The idea being that less can give the same functionality as more. But hey, this dress is not about functionality it's about FUN! Who cares about the rest of the word - 'ctionality'. Hmmm, maybe I've invented a new word, watch out Oxford English Dictionary, then again maybe not, what's 'ctionality' after all? Answers on a postcard.......... 
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