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Gorgeously glamorous the mermaid or fishtail style of wedding dress is a Hollywood red carpet favourite. It also lends itself extremely well to bridalwear 
If you fancy emulating Marilyn Monroe or even Madonna the mermaid or fishtail bridal gown is the one for you 
Mermaid and fishtail wedding dresses are bias cut or closely fitted, so not for those who are shy. Marilyn was ultra feminine with an obvious magnetism. She had an interesting fashion philosophy, saying 'I believe your body should make your body look good.' Marilyn didn't believe in clothes making the body conform to what was fashionable. 'Clothes', she said 'should have a relationship to the body not be something distinct from it 
The point Marilyn was making of course is that for the wow factor brides should look at bridalwear trends but not slavishly follow them. This is where having a bespoke wedding dress comes in. You can have what you want, what suits you best, not what everyone else has 
There is of course a place for comfort. In January 1952 Marilyn appeared in a Cassini velvet fishtail gown. The overall effect was so disconcerting the dress was declared 'dangerous!' When Marilyn was offered the dress to keep she declined saying it was so tight she couldn't walk in it. Lychgate bespoke bridal gowns are comfortable as well as fabulous 
Marilyn was also a big fan of the bias cut dress. This is a soft and flattering draping of fabric over the body. In 1957 she wore a Ceil Chapman bias cut off white gown that confirmed her status as an emerging movie goddess.  
In June 1957 Marilyn again chose a fishtail address to appear at a premiere. The designer, John Moore, cleverly chose beige for the material as the dress itself was more than enough of a statement. Marilyn paired it with understated make up and an unstructured hairstyle and was, of course, an instant hit. So, if your wedding dress is a statement gown, consider your overall look carefully, and pare down other aspects.  
Marilyn never lost her love for the fishtail look. She appeared in a crimson velvet gown at the West End premiere of one of her husband's plays. 'Marilyn Monroe's close fitting dress turned the London opening into a near riot' wrote the Associated Press. This time she wore statuesque open toe heels. When it was suggested to her husband that she should have worn something simple in black he said 'Why should someone like Marilyn pretend to be dressing like somebody's old aunt?' 
One thing is for sure - you won't be dressed like somebody's old aunt in a Lychgate bespoke wedding dress 
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