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1930s Wedding Dresses 

I was thrilled this week to be given this photo of the wedding of my grandparents on 25 July 1933 at Sutton Church in Norfolk. The styling immediately reminded me of the wedding of the late Queen Mother, Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon on her marriage to the Duke of York in April 1923 
Lady Elizabeth's wedding dress was made by the court dressmaker in the Coco Chanel drop waist style. It was medieval in nature and made of ivory silk chiffon moire  
On her head the late Queen Mother wore a Flanders lace veil, which was lent by her husband's mother, Queen Mary. The veil was held in place by a circlet of myrtle, white roses and heather 
1930s wedding group with bride, groom and five bridemaids and best man

1930s Veils and Headdresses 

Lady Elizabeth's headdress was worn very low on the brow and this was in line with the popular 1920s flapper style. A 1922 Charles Worth sketch shows a veil enveloping the body to create a misty aura around the body  
The royal veil swept to the floor and trailed behind the bride. My grandmother's headdress was also worn relatively low on the brow and her veil was on the long side  
Also on trend was the orange blossom included the headdress. This followed royal precedent as when George V and Queen Mary's daughter, Princess Mary, married in 1922 her silver wreath was entwined with orange blossom. Again, the court dressmaker created the bridal gown, a tradition no longer popular with royal brides  
Flapper girl wearing black dress with white pearls and black feathered headdress

1930s Bridesmaids and Flower Girls 

My grandmother had three flower girls and two older bridesmaids, although they were all described as bridesmaids. The term 'flower girl' was not in common usage at the time 
The two elder bridesmaids are described as wearing Norwich silk crepe, a type of silk made nearby. Both girls wore hats, which would not be fashionable at all today but were definitely de rigeur then. It was a church wedding and all the female guests would have had a hat  
The local newspaper describes the small bridesmaids as wearing pink satin. It's hard to tell from the photo in which everything appears white or ivory. Ivory flower girl dresses would not have been common in the 1930s 
Interestingly the flower girls have long, ankle length dresses. Again this was the trend. Whilst many modern brides go for knee length flower girl dresses, Lychgate's Bluebell dress shown in the image is a popular choice. Girls aged 8 - 11 like to feel a little more grown up  
Girl age eight wearing ivory long length flower girl dress in silk with puffed sleeve

Recipe For 1930s Wedding Pie 

So, if you fancy a 1930s themed wedding the six key ingredients are: 
1. A beautiful village church (rural Norfolk optional) 
2. An enormous bouquet, seriously, how big is that! 
3. A fine upstanding Best Beloved 
4. Two adult bridesmaids in, well, frankly odd hats, and three little ones in Lychgate Bluebell dresses 
5. A 1930s Rolls Royce Phantom motor car (you know you want to) 
6. A Lychgate bespoke silk bridal gown. Doesn't have to be like Grandma's  
Images from top: @davidhellman; @marvelous both courtesy of Unsplash 
burgundy colour rolls royce car
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